Form Layout for program registration is not same as expected


I have created a new tracker program and created a section form for registration(without any custom form).

I expected to see the same section form formate in the capture app, but the order of elements inside the sections is not preserved in the capture app.

Am I trying it in the wrong way or is it expected behavior or is it an issue?

R.Sri Laxmi Ragini

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Welcome to the community @R_Sri_Laxmi_Ragini and thank you for making a post!

This might be a bug that we can report on, but please let me make sure from @tracker-frontend to make sure.

Thank you!

Thank you @Gassim.

Hey @R_Sri_Laxmi_Ragini,

I had a look at the latest version and I could not reproduce your issue. Can you clean your browser cache and check if the data elements are displayed in the correct order. You can use the browser cache cleaner app to do it.


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Hi @Simona.Domnisoru,

I have used the browser cache cleaner app also, but the data elements are not in the same order.

R. Sri Laxmi Ragini

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