[fixed] Unable to uncheck boolean/true only values once checked

Hello everyone,

We’ve configured some data elements with boolean and true only value in a single stage event program but neither values types allow for unchecking the value once they’ve been checked unless the page is reloaded.

I’ve been pointed towards this jira ticket from a few years back: [DHIS2-9395] - Jira. But the jira ticket issue has been resolved and the version of dhis2 we’re using is 2.38.

Has anyone encountered this same issue so far on version 2.38? Is there a way to fix this?

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Hi @WumiOjo

I’m testing on play version 2.38 and it’s working. Would you post the steps to reproduce this issue?


Hello @Gassim, I don’t have specific steps to replicate the issue so I made a recording instead. The link is: AwesomeScreenshot-16/06/2022,16:50:40.

I’m just using programs that are already configured on the instance. I tried personally using a test program that I created a few hours ago but the result is the same.

Yes, you are correct, thanks! This is indeed a bug so I’m following up on the same Jira bug issue (Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA) If you would like to create a new Jira bug issue specifically for 2.38.0, feel free to share the link here so others can vote to prioritize and watch to receive updates. Thanks!

#copmonthly - bug hunter @WumiOjo :+1:

Hello @Gassim, I’ve created a jira issue here: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

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Hello @Gassim, I am facing a similar issue with date - 8th August). I have created an event program using “yes only” data elements. While I try to use the program in the capture app, I can’t uncheck the same after clicking on the checkbox.

Could you please confirm if this has been resolved? As per the reported ticket, it is not clear to me.

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Hi @WumiOjo @consultantkart

This issue has been fixed: [DHIS2-13347] - Jira