Finding Notes on Capture App Releases

I am seeing a quite large number up updated stable releases for the capture app available in the app management application within Are there accompanying documentation for what these releases aim to fix? Haven’t been able to find a crosswalked release notes for this at the capture app level specifically. Thanks for any info!

Hi @Matthew_Boddie ,

We do hope to improve the situation, but for now the best way to get an overview of changes in these “continuous delivery” applications is via GitHub. In the case of Capture app, the relevant link is:
Releases · dhis2/capture-app · GitHub

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P.S. One thing to note: although the app releases may be compatible with a particular version, it’s possible that some of the new features are not available until a later version. This is because many of the core apps have introduced what we call “feature toggling” - where certain features are disabled if they are not supported by the core version they are running against.


Beautiful. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks @phil !

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