Find patients with Follow-up

I wonder to know if there is any way to find out whose patients has Follow-up or repeated events?

Assume that I have a Tracker Program with 4 stage that two stage are repeatable. Whose patients that have repeated events means that they are followed and they are more important for research than other patients.
There is a not good way that use indicators to show how much events the one patient has and if he/she has more than 4 events we can simply say he/she has Follow-up. The problem is for example if he/she has a two recorded stages and first stage repeated twice, It means he/she has 3 events and with that indicator we can say he/she has no Follow-up. But actually he/she does!

So I need better way to find patients with Follow-up.
It seems DHIS2 shows different UI for repeated stage in Tabular Data Entry widget when the stage is repeated. Maybe It can help to find out the way.

Thanks alot

Hi! I’m also interested in how people have used program indicators for repeatable stages. We want to visualize cascades, but it has been tricky and in some cases I’ve ended up creating non-repeatable stages (Follow up 1, Follow up 2… up to 4 or 5). Are there any unique and compulsory data elements in each repeatable stage, that you could count, and then you would consider the person followed up if he or she has >2 events for either repeatable stage?

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels
Thanks for the reply!
Some times we prefer to repeat stages because in some cases there is no certain time for next follow up and even for number of needed follow-ups .
Assume that we can choose unique data element in each repeatable stage but I don’t know how Indicator can count this data element. I would greatly appreciate it if you help me.
And about your second question: Yes, we will simply consider the person is followed up if he/she has 2 or more events for either repeatable stage.
For ex. “Signs and Symptoms” and “Surgery and treatments” are our repeatable stages; If any of them is repeated, we can consider this patient is followed up. Maybe the patient need two times of surgery. or simply we follow up a patient just with asking his/her symptoms to track any changes.
I am engineer not a doctor, But they tell me each one will be repeated is enough to say the patient has follow-up care.