Find demo apps

Hello everyone
Is there any possible way to find demo apps?
In demo we have a lot of proper applications that can help us do more than usual DHIS2.
For Example “data-importer” in demo version 2.31.0 or “program data importer” in demo 2.30, can help us to import tracker data with a lot customization. (as picture below)

But I can`t find some of these apps in google searching. Need help.
thank you


Hi @FireForce,

I haven’t seen one repository with all developed and / or in development Apps but I know there are several various teams here in the DHIS2 Community are working on and probably testing them on the demo server. I have seen some projects on Github like @carapai’s DHIS2 Program Data Import tool - GitHub and @Hazim_Timimi’s Data Import tool among several others. For DHIS2 Apps, we have the standard apps developed by the team Here that have met the standards.



many thanks:pray:

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