Filtering option sets based on program rule variables. Is there a better way

Hi all, me again!

We have a patient card with a bunch of option sets. We have one option set that we want to filter the values of the second option set based on their option group.

Currently I have to set up a program rule for each option value in the first option set, and adding an action to “show option group”. Is there a smarter way of doing this? It’s not really an issue at the moment, but I could see errors creeping the more programs we have. I suppose we could write a little procedure to do this via the API if there isn’t, but it would be good to know if I haven’t missed something before I commit to this route.


Hi @HaydnJ ,
What you have proposed may not be the most efficient, but it may be the most manageable to maintain long-term, because for each program rule you have one input for DE1 → show a discrete set of options in DE2. That keeps a clear alignment between PR and DE option.

Now it may be possible to merge rules together if the filtered options for DE2 are identical for different inputs of DE1. For example if “primary diagnosis filter immune” and “primary diagnosis filter lymphatic” should both show the same option group–or if the options in each group are identical–then you could make the PR expression V{primary}==‘lymphatic’ || V{primary}==‘immune’ and show the same option group.

But it seems like each option from DE1 has it’s own unique set of DE2 options. In which case, theres no better approach that Im aware of.


Thank you Brian. Much appreciated. Marked as solved.

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