Filtering dataValueSets by catOptionCombo or dataElement

A request came in to be able to filter by catOptionCombo or dataElement (both of which are normally returned in a dataValueSets call). Per the docs (, data values can be queried with a bunch of parameters, but not those two. Is the api/dataValueSets endpoint using a different engine than the metadata API?

categoryOptionCombo filter example DiszpKrYNg8&dataElementGroup= qfxEYY9xAl6&categoryOptionCombo=PT59n8BQbqM&limit=2

dataElement filter example DiszpKrYNg8&dataElementGroup= qfxEYY9xAl6&dataElement=fbfJHSPpUQD&limit=2

In both of these examples you will see DEs or CatOptCombos not matching the one provided.

Are they stuck with post api call filtering?



Greg Wilson
BAO Systems