Filtering Datasets from Capture App

Dear all,
We have been using dhis2 version 2.31.8 build version bf400ec and a capture app which was a customize app that we had been using for sometime now because of its SMS functionality. Only the eIDSR DataSet was showing on this app at that time. Few months ago we had been working on the RRIV DataSets; on completion of these DataSets we now noticed that they are showing on the app. This is causing some confusion for our eIDSR mobile capturing team. Please is there anyway to filter those DataSets (RRIVs) so that they are not visible on the dhis2 capture app.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Gerald. Just to clarify: are you referring to the the DHIS2 Capture app on Android mobile devices? Or do you mean the web-based capture app?

Hi @Gerald_Thomas ,

for configuring the visibility of you datasets you can use the sharing settings. Sharing settings allow you to decide which user/user group can have access to your data sets for viewing or editing data. That configuration will apply in both web and android.
You can find more information in the documentation here:

If you are using the android app and don’t have the expected visualisation, please send us a message tagging @dhis2-android for support.


Dear Max,
Yes it is DHIS2 Capture app but some enhancement was done on the source code.
Dear Marta,
Thanks for the support and you right. A colleague @Calle_Hedberg provided a script that did the magic and now we are not seeing them again.
Thanks very much for your support.