Fill in your CoP Profile Information

  • Login to your DHIS2 Community account and click on your user icon as highlighted below
  • Click on your username i.e. jomutsani and you will see a drop-down Menu showing notifications of your activity in the community.

  • Next, you will click on the Preferences as highlighted below to take you to your personal profile page.

On your Profile Page, Share some brief interesting facts about you starting with the About Me section; detailing a few interesting things about you that other users would be interested in. Location Where you are Centrally placed, A Website that showcases your work, the Country you are in, the type of organization you work for, the Position you hold and the Level of expertise you have on DHIS2. This information will help us understand the people we serve and how best to channel and synergize our support with a goal of creating an ecosystem that is sharing, learning, connecting and supporting each other continuously.