fileResource error get file

Hello all… im trying to get my file in a fileResource, but when i try to get the file i got this error:
“httpStatus”: “Unauthorized”,
“httpStatusCode”: 401,
“status”: “ERROR”,
“message”: “You don’t have access to fileResource ‘fOTrT1NDK6G’ or this fileResource is not available from this endpoint”

Can someone help me?

Hi @edsonnhancale ,

When you upload files, they are marked with a “domain”. Each domain has different characteristics. It might be that you uploaded a file that has stricter access control, and don’t have access to retrieve it again.

Without any more information, I can’t tell you specifically what the problem might be; But if you show the payload you used for uploading, and the endpoint you use to retrieve it, I can let you know what the issue might be. The solution should be using a different domain when uploading though.

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