Field Surveys using DHIS2 event capture/Android event capture

Hi Nick,
our Project - “DHIS2 in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan” use only DHIS2 event capture (prevalent)/Android event capture(used rarely, but it can be used).

We use the Event Capture to collect disaggregate data (and then aggregate it in any mode that we need) for epidemiological and disease surveillance and hospital discharges, but we also collect generic health data for the population as births, deaths and immunizations.

It will be released soon a use case for our project under the “User Stories” of the site with more details if you are interested in our case.

The Kurdish region is in general a desert region, than malaria is a rarity.

I hope I answered your question.



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2017-02-08 4:44 GMT+01:00 Shurajit Dutta

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there are some use cases out there where DHIS2 event capture/Android event capture has been used to collect data at the community level. In this specific context, there has been a request to potentially apply to this to collecting LLIN (bednet) distribution data within a malaria program in the community, but I would be quite happy to hear about any other related use cases out there.



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