Fetching values from the previous stages to next ones

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone could provide a step-by-step approach to fetching the value from the previous stage to the current one in repeatable and non-repeatable program stage. For example, getting a value for a certain field in the previous stage and use it in another field in another stage.


Hi @ferdinandmussavene

There are a couple ways for you to do this related to what you want to. Here is an example for a repeatable event.

  1. Create program rule variables that check your value from a previous event.

  1. Create another variable for the current event (which is where you want to transfer the value)

  1. Create a program rule with an expression to check the previous event

  1. Assign your value to the current event DE and variable


Give it a try and let us know if your able to make it work.


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