February Developer Meetup Announcement: OpenAPI (Feb 9th)

Hello DHIS2 Developers! We’ve got an exiting meetup scheduled for you, a peak into the next version, 2.40, where an OpenAPI spec for the DHIS2 API will be demonstrated.

The date/time of the meetup is: 2023-02-09T10:00:00Z2023-02-09T11:00:00Z

OpenAPI is a specification standard for describing APIs, which should make everyone’s lives easier when dealing with APIs. You can read more about what OpenAPI is on their website here: https://www.openapis.org/

If you haven’t yet signed up for the monthly developer meetup, do so now by filling in the signup form.

Will we see you there? If you have any questions, bring them to the meetup and we can discuss them, or ask them in this thread so we can prepare an answer for you!


2 days left until this meetup! What are you looking forward to? And do you have any questions already?

Thanks to all of you who joined. The slides of the presentation can be found attached to this post.

Slides: DHIS2 with OpenAPI.pdf (674.3 KB)

A link to Stoplight is here: https://dhis2.stoplight.io/docs/dhis2

The YAML or JSON can be viewed, if you’re logged in using the default credentials: