Feature Request - UI improvement for Data Entry (Beta) and valueType detector

I was expecting that the Data Entry (Beta) will have significant UI and UX improvement over the Data Entry app for mobile devices. But so far it seems there is need to improve the UI to make it more convenient for users. Below is a picture I took on my phone which I explained below.

1. Top bar: The top bar area label 1 occupy about half of the height of the page like 40% of the height.
Is it possible for this top bar area to be minimized/collapsed up the screen? This will allow for more space on the screen especially because the keypad already occupy about 50% of the height of the page once you click inside the input field box. Currentlt, for me to see they value I entered on screen, I have to minimize the keypad.

  1. Data workspace: In the input field of the data workspace label 2 above, when I click inside I was expecting the keypad to change to numbers since the valueType of the DE is INTEGER_ZERO_OR_POSITIVE. But the Alphabet keypad remain on screen. I have to toggle from Alphabet to number keypad each time I want to input value. The experience is a bit tiring especially because I have to enter value for over 100 DEs.
    Is it possible to automatically display number or alphabet keypad based on the valueType of the DE?

Thank you for your posts and feedback! Would you like to create a feature request for the frontend team? Generally mobile users are advised to use the android app, and probably if the browser is needed, using Desktop view is a better option.

Please then share the Jira issue here so other community members can watch, vote, follow, and comment. Thank you!

Sure. Can you help me with the link please?

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Yes, sure, thanks!

Use this link: Projects - Jira

I still have complain against the Android App. The DE name is wrapped to a view characters. So it makes it impossible for us to use it.

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