Fails to load datat set on data entry

i have dhis2 2.31-SNAPSHOT it is not loading data set on data entry module and on pressing F12 this kind of warnings are shown

can you kindly help me with this and tell me what kind of warning are these

Those yellow warnings don’t stop you from seeing the list of DataSet in system, I think there is some issues with sharing settings on your DHIS2 instance.

Please check this tutorial on how to set up sharing settings for DataSets and and related metadata objects in Data Entry app.

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i have tried this and it doesn’t work and it is giving me an error of “Organization unit cannot be empty”

Hi @viet,

Is it possible for someone to remotely support @bibizainab to check out her sharing settings and system configurations, please?


Hello James can we schedule a meeting for further discussion along with remote access and system configuration??? kindly share your email id for further discussion