Failed to save error on Tracker capture data entry

(Magoba Bridget) #1

Hi All,
When am capturing data using tracker capture app, I get the error below on clicking save and continue.

However, I set notifications on clicking “save and continue”. So the notification is received but with the error in the image below. But also on multiple clicking, it eventually saves.

Could anyone have an idea on what it could be.


(James Omutsani) #2

Hi @bridget,

Our team from @dhis2-tracker will have a look and advise. It might have something to do with your program rules.


(Markus Bekken) #3

Hey there @bridget!
Can you access the server logs and see what ends up in the server log file when this happens?

Best regards,

(Magoba Bridget) #4

Thanks @Markus, will look into them and see what the problem is.