Failed in generate analytics tables

Hello All,
Generating analysis tables fails in aggregated data only as shown in the image below:

Please check the postgresql.conf file, what is the value set for max_connections? On the other hand, you might not need to modify this setting whereas it might be easier to clear these _temp tables, clear analytics tables from the maintenance view in the same app, and then run the analytics tables export again.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @Gassim
I checked the postgresql.conf file and the value of max_connections is 200. Do I increase it?

I’d suggest to check these options first in a test environment and see if it helps.

Increasing the max_connections depends on the resources and infrastructure and might be a temporary solution (if at all) but I don’t think it’s the solution. – I have not tested these suggestions to be honest.

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Thank you @Gassim for your support

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