FAIL - Application at context path [/dhis] could not be started

We recently installed followed steps for installing DHIS2 from [].
We then started the server from manage app in tomcat and got the “FAIL - Application at context path [/dhis] could not be started” error message and the alternatively we used startup. This what we get when we use startup from the Tomcat bin folder to start tomcat server:

This following is a screenshot some part of the log file from tomcat that I thought must be useful to you in helping us:

To add on we installed DHIS in a Windows 10 VM

Hi @1c699b409a68f19fba95

Please check that the port 8081 is not used by another application or instance; alternatively, you could change the port that’ll be used by DHIS2 in the configuration.

Probably this is the issue, if it doesn’t work, would you please post the versions of the DHIS2 instance, Postgresql, Tomcat, and Java?