Facing Issue While Creating Relationship in tracker-capture in 2.30 Build revision:1be2b61 Build date:2019-02-14 02:06

Dear all,

We are facing a issue in Version:2.30 Build revision:1be2b61 Build date:2019-02-14 02:06 while adding the relationship in relationship widget after adding inside related list program not appear and as when loading the screen of the TE#2 (e.g. the child), the program does not load. It loads a blank enrollment screen, whereby a program has not been selected. The program is then required to be selected before showing the information for TE#2 (child).

Issue also reported on Jira link [DHIS2-5249] - Jira

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Mithilesh Kumar Thakur


Hi @Mithilesh_Kumar_Thak,

The team is working on this as on the thread on JIRA 5249. Let’s follow it up from JIRA and have the solution shared here in the CoP.


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