Extremely slow API for analytics

Hi Community,
DHIS2 Version: 2.39.0

I was trying to get report through event report app.
while the normal operation filtering from level 1-3 are good. trying to filter it through organisation unit of level 6. the response is very very slow. it took me around 4 minutes to get the response.
my hardware specs are quiet good i don’t know what could have made this api so slow. i upgrade to 2.39.0 recently.

Hi @sthrohit

Could you check the logs to see if there are any errors (both Network and Catalina.out 'without sensitive info?) Maybe there are some configurations/parameters in the instance configuration that will affect the performance?

If you use the play.dhis2.org instance to reproduce this issue, do you get the same results? Thanks!

I looked into the logs. there was no error since the request did not fail but was extremely slow. i will try replicating it in play.dhis2.org