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Hello guys I am a new folk, I want to consume api data from a HMIS and analyze the data using the dhis2 visualization tools, what is the way foward

Hi @nyamosi

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To be able to use the apps used for data analysis in DHIS2, you would need to configure the metadata so that when sending the ‘values’ from the external system, they will be stored in their relevant metadata. For example, if the data were monthly aggregate data at the facility level then you’d need to create a monthly dataset at the facility level. If the data you are using is aggregate then you’d use data sets (Aggregate Data Model) but if it’s Tracker (events or entities) then you would use the (Tracker Data Model). Conceptual Design Principles - DHIS2 Documentation

After the metadata configuration and sharing is ready, you will then be able to use the API to import values. You can read more about the API here, Data - DHIS2 Documentation

Finally, when metadata as well as data is ready, you will then be able to use the analysis apps.

I hope this helps. There’s a lot of work to get from design to analysis. :slight_smile:


Hello @Gassim
Thank you so much for your reply,
Where will I configure the external api in dhis2 entry point? In my case the api will be used to provide daily data which will be changing according to post request from the HMIS system

So if the HMIS system you are using can trigger a script to run, you will need to authenticate the requests when importing using the API. The authentication is explained here: Introduction - DHIS2 Documentation

@Gassim Thank you very much let me do it practically and i will get back to you when am done

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