Expression enhancements to space-shift and time-shift data

We’re looking at ways of time-shifting data, and space-shifting (organization unit shifting) data, in indicators, validation rules, program indicators, predictors, etc. We’ve been collecting requirements for this in the Jira epic DHIS2-3187.

If you have other requirements that are not listed in this epic, please create a Jira ticket and link it to this epic. Please be as specific as possible about the use case so the value can be understood. If you have requirements that are like some of the tickets in this Epic, please feel free to comment on them. The more we know about specific use cases for this, the better. We hope to provide some solutions that solve specific real-world problems.

Some ideas about implementing these features can be found in Jira task DHIS2-4468 (also part of the epic), and especially in the subtask that proposes some expression enhancements in DHIS2-4469. These documents are under review and are very subject to change. Comments are welcome. We are hoping to roll out some of this functionality starting in 2.32. We are still sizing up the effort required and the best way to implement it.