Exporting Metadata user does not have access to

Hi @team,

I want to export all dashboards present in my instance. Currently when i do with Import/Export app i get only those dashboards that my current login user have access to. In my instance even admin users does not have access to all dashboards but we need metadata for all dashboards. Is there a way out?

Need help asap!

Hi @Sweety_Sharma

In general try to get metadata by API point …/api/dashboards.json?fields=*
You may get all dashboards registered in the system, then you can import them where you need.

Good luck

Hi @Ulanbek

This endpoint also does not show all dashboards in the instance but only those that are specific to current user.


Hi @team

Let us know if there is a way to achieve the use case.


It seems this is a bug, when superuser\admin cannot see some metadata created by the users. I have noticed the dashboards, event reports, and maps can be unaccessible even for superuser!
Only the way to find out if there is any other not visible dashboards is to check directly database :frowning:

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Thank you for letting us know and confirming this issue. We will raise a ticket to address it!