Exporting and Importing OrgUnit, DataSet,DataElement and all Project from Server A to Server B

Hello Friends,

Please I have a project that i have done in DHIS2. the Project is on a server say server A but i want to move it to a different server say server B. I am currently trying to use the import and export app but as often as i tried, it still does not work. Please i get a help on this.


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Hi @vakakpo,

You can share the error that comes when you try to import; there could be several reasons as to why you aren’t able to import / export correctly. Kindly share the steps you took and the error that dit displays. Could you take your XML file and find all category/options/catcombos/++ with name “default” and remove them? hopefully it should work after that too.

Waiting to hear back from you.


Hello James. Thanks for always been a good assist to me. the file is on this server and i want to move to this new server can i share the usernames and the password with you so you can see it please?


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API call= should export all metadata (data elements, category options, …) associated with that project assuming the project is a dataset. i.e substitute ProjectUID with your data set UID.

Then After Import the Json file into using the Import/Export App