Export event data with Code or Name

I’m wondering if there’s possibility that we can export event data (event/programStage/orgUnit/dataElement) WITHOUT DHIS2 coding as below but our own specified Code or Name? I have tried to select data element and organization unit for Name or Code but the result is the same…

I’m using 2.39 and I have tried in Play 2.39 as well

cc: @Gassim


This might actually be a bug, I’m following up with the team. I see the issue might be all the way from the /api/events endpoint. DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone


@kateshih this is a bug issue. Would you like to create a Jira bug issue using your account? Projects - Jira Please add the label CoP and post the link here so other community members can vote/watch/comment.

After you create it, I will add my own investigation points to it.


Hi @Gassim Thanks for following up! Happy to know this!
Here is the jira issue: [DHIS2-15819] Event export with Code or Name scheme - Jira (atlassian.net)! Cheers!

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