Exploring IoT and LoRaWAN Integration with DHIS2: Enhancing African Healthcare and Climate Resilience

This abstract has been accepted at the 2024 DHIS2 Annual Conference

Exploring IoT and LoRaWAN Integration with DHIS2: Enhancing African Healthcare and Climate Resilience

In this presentation, we embark on a comprehensive journey to explore the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and LoRaWAN with the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2), focusing on their significant impact on healthcare and climate resilience in Africa. The presentation aims to provide a thorough background on IoT, its burgeoning use across the African continent, and the modalities of integrating these technologies into DHIS2 using tools such as MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). We will delve into the role of The Things Network (TTN), a prominent player in the IoT domain, and discuss strategies for establishing custom networks. An important aspect of this integration involves understanding how sensors operate within the IoT ecosystem, emphasizing the power resilience and longevity of IoT devices, which are crucial in the African context where power availability can be a challenge. Furthermore, the talk will highlight the potential for network reuse in IoT implementations, ensuring resource efficiency and sustainability. The session promises to offer insights into off-the-shelf sensors as well as custom LoRaWAN devices, demonstrating their versatility and adaptability in various scenarios. A core part of this exploration includes a comprehensive demonstration of an end-to-end IoT implementation. This demonstration will showcase both off-the-shelf sensors and a custom LoRaWAN device, illustrating how such systems can be employed to gather serialised data. This data, in turn, contributes to a centralised knowledge base, supporting health facilities across Africa in the context of the data elements relevant to the WHO Harmonized Health Facility Assessment (HHFA). The presentation aims not only to educate about the technical aspects of IoT and LoRaWAN integration with DHIS2 but also to inspire by showing the practical, real-world applications of these technologies in enhancing healthcare delivery and climate monitoring in Africa. Attendees will gain an understanding of how these technologies can be leveraged to improve data-driven decision-making, optimise resource allocation, and ultimately contribute to the creation of more resilient and sustainable healthcare systems in the face of climate change and other challenges. This session is designed for a diverse audience, including healthcare professionals, technologists, policymakers, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology, healthcare, and sustainable development.

Primary Author: Steven Uggowitzer

Internet of Things (IoT), LoRaWAN, DHIS2, Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Climate Monitoring, Africa, Technology Integration, Sustainable Healthcare, Data Utilization, Last Mile, Environmental Resilience, Action Research, Public Health, Information S


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