Experiencing a problem in getting data to appear in Data Set Reports

Hi all,

We have created data sets to which we have attached Data set attributes/attribute combos – like implementing partner and project in demo - to further disaggregate the datasets at each facility. Data clerks have entered some data on the data sets, but we have recently been experiencing a problem in getting data to appear in Data Set Reports.

NB: The data set has an attribute combo


Hey @fernando,
Thank you for your post and thanks for the screenshot! So the fields appear empty? Do you see any error at all in the Network tab (Browser’s Developer Tools F12 → Network)? It’s never easy to know what’s going on without the logs so please see what logs you can share (without including any sensitive data) and check if there are errors in them.

Additionally, it might help to know somethings. You said recently so the data before used to appear and now it doesn’t? May I ask if you have tried using the Browser Cache Cleaner app as well as the Data Administration app > Maintenance? Are you able to view the same data in the Data Visualizer for example?

Thank you! (: