Experience with interoperability between GeneXpert (diagnosic device) and DHIS2


(Philip Aleu) #1

Hello Devs,
I was wondering if there is a tool out there or if anyone has some experience working on a middleware App that can support linking of output from a diagnostic device (in this case a geneXpert machine) to dhis2 via WebAPI. We are looking at having such interoperability and would like to learn from forerunners. Will be pleased to here and learn from all


(Aatish Neupane) #2

GeneXpert can either use ASTM or HL7 protocol for pushing results to a server. So, you need an implementation of either of these protocols to listen for new results and call DHIS2 Web API accordingly. I found ASTM much easier to understand though.

(Philip Aleu) #3

Thank you @Aatish_Neupane. We will explore these.

Philip Aleu