Expected reports, reporting rates

I am a new engaged user of DHIS2 and new to DHIS2 community as well. I need some clarification on how expected numbers are computed. I noticed some reporting rates were higher than 100% because the denominator (expected reports) was smaller compared to submitted. Any clarifications?

Thanks in advance

If I understood your question well, I think
the expected numbers of reports = number of organization units you assigned to the data set during dataset creation and they still assigned before running analytics.

reporting rates is the number of submitted and completed reports (Actual reports) divided by the expected number of reports calculated as percentage, and the result should be <= 100%

Hi Miriam,

A couple of glitches with the reporting rates that might generate results >100% (I don’t know if they’ve been fixed in recent versions of DHIS2, but they were present in older versions):

  1. The denominator is ‘open’ facilities, but closed facilities aren’t filtered from the numerator - so if you close a facility, its reports will still show in the numerator, but it won’t be counted in the denominator, leading to performance of >100%. This can also happen in reverse with new facilities that are opened, artificially lowering the reporting rate - see: [DHIS2-2739] - Jira (although this ticket was closed, I’m not sure the bug was actually fixed).

  2. If you’re using Attribute CatCombos in your aggregate data collection (ie a set of options at the top of the form, which allows you to capture the form different projects, donors etc), then the reporting rate summary can’t handle that - if users have submitted 2 versions of the form for two different projects, it will divide them by just that single form = 2/1 = 200%.

Let us know if either of these might be your problem - if not, it would be good to investigate and report any other issues you’ve found, as reporting rates should never exceed 100%.

Cheers, Sam.

Hi @SamuelJohnson and @hamza,

We are currently following-up the known issue with attribute dimensions applied to datasets which can cause reporting rates to be over 100% - https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-8593

We will have another look at [DHIS2-2739] - Jira.

All the best,


Hi all, have others run into this problem with column totals and expected reports?

I am currently facing a similar issue with reporting rates. Data has already been submitted into the system but actual reports are far more than expected reports.I am running version 2.35.5 of DHIS2