Expanding the Scope of DHIS: Seeking Guidance and Support

Dear community,

I am reaching out for your assistance in exploring the potential of DHIS in Nepal beyond its current use by the government. As a member of the DHIS community, I believe that there are numerous opportunities to utilize this platform in other areas.

Specifically, I am interested in building a vibrant developer community in Nepal that leverages the capabilities of DHIS to solve real-world problems. Additionally, I would like to establish open clubs/communities in universities that promote the use of DHIS and foster collaboration among students and faculty.

I am looking for guidance and encouragement from those who have already implemented similar initiatives. Your experience and knowledge can help me create a roadmap for the maximum utilization of DHIS in all feasible sectors.

Thank you,


Hi @rcpoudel

Thank you for writing to the community! This is definitely one of the interesting aspects of being part of the community. I’d start by encouraging participation in DHIS2 online meetups, webinars, and the online Community of Practice interactions.

We’ve posted a suggestion CoP in your country (or region)! to encourage the same prospect! Feel free to be the first to respond to the post with some ideas. The Community of Practice is a great place to bring these people you mention in your post together and we try to highlight and encourage this activity constantly, see copmonthly.

Local meetups can also include some online aspect to involve the global community, and having participants join the CoP could also help in giving the local interaction more visibility and resources.

Last but not least, I love the title “Expanding the scope of DHIS2,” and this is one of the most important goals of the CoP here: no one left behind! :pray:



Hi @rcpoudel!

This is a great message, and I love the initiative. I think using @Gassim’s suggestion for the CoP section connect:local is great and you should post there indeed.

I’m the Developer Advocate at DHIS2, so part of that is also building and maintaining communities. I’d love to help you out where possible. So if there’s anything you need assistance with or want to discuss with, feel free to reach out to me.

You can also schedule a call with me if you want to discuss anything face-2-face, or just bounce ideas of, or to ask questions.


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I’m really interested in promoting the use of DHIS 2 related activities to the universities. This is a very interesting idea to work on. I’ve also been working along with numerous college and university representatives around the country.


I know that @adnan1 and @zubair have been exploring this recently in Pakistan. Might be good to link up?


Hii @SophiaK … Thank you for connecting us. We have even written a concept note around it would be good to explore together… @Mahendra_Pandey