Execute methode failure after upgrde to latest version

Dear Team,
I am experiencing Method execute failure after a period of time, and the only solution I get after this is to restart tomcat, can anyone help in finding out what might be wrong.
attached is a screnshot to my tomcat logs

Thanks for support

Hi @Pacifique_Hategekima,
May I ask you before upgrading did you follow the instructions on: Upgrading - DHIS2 Documentation ?

And, I want to ask you a couple of questions please:

  1. I know that your current DHIS2 instance version is 2.35.3 but what version are you now trying to upgrade to?
  2. What is the version of your Java, postgres, and tomcat? If you are using Java 8 then maybe start by updating to Java 11.


Thanks @Gassim, I was using 2.36.4,
I have just and it failed and decided to be back on 2.35.3,
my versions are: Java 8, Postgres10, and Tomcat 9.0.11
and on upgrading I just have created new instance to run 2.36.4 on separate database and have just imported metadata from 2.35.3 and seems working till I encountered this above problem
thank you,

You’re welcome! Thanks for answering the questions. I believe it’s recommended to use Java 11 and postgresql 13.

If you want to use 2.36.4 for example then maybe make a copy of your instance and run the upgrade by following the instructions in the link above; however, importing from an older version to a newer version sometimes just causes issues probably like the one above too!

Please feel free to update us with your progress or any challenges! Thank you @Pacifique_Hategekima! (: