Exciting Enhancements to Our Introduction to DHIS2 Course!

Exciting Enhancements to Our Introduction to DHIS2 Course!

Dear Learners,

We’re thrilled to share some dynamic updates to our Introduction to DHIS2 course, designed to enrich your learning experience. Here’s what’s new:

Module 0: Interactive DHIS2 Tour

Kick off your journey with an interactive tour! This engaging exercise provides a hands-on introduction to DHIS2’s interface and core concepts, setting the stage for what’s ahead.

Module 1: Enhanced Data Entry Video and DHIS2 Use cases

Our revamped “How are data entered into DHIS2” video now features streamlined explanations complemented by practical examples, making complex data types more accessible.

Dive into DHIS2 use cases through animated stories. We’ve transformed our textual use cases into captivating animations, offering a clearer, more enjoyable learning experience.

Module 2: Simplified Open Source Insight and Integration with other platforms

Discover the world of open source with ease. We’ve condensed and simplified our article on “Advantages of an open-source platform,” ensuring you grasp the essentials without the jargon.

Learn about DHIS2’s integration with other Health Management Information Systems through an informative new video, replacing the previous text for a more visual and straightforward explanation.

Module 3: Global DHIS2 Community Insights

Explore diverse DHIS2 applications worldwide. We’ve curated real-life stories from the DHIS2 community, available in an interactive format. Choose the stories that resonate most with you.

Your feedback is our compass for continual improvement. We deeply appreciate your valuable insights and are confident you’ll find these enhancements both informative and enjoyable.

Happy learning!
The DHIS2 Online Academy Team


This is exciting news :clap:t5::clap:t5:

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What Mayamiko said. Congrats Team :clap:t4: :clap:t4:


My wife is taking this course now and so far she is enjoying it. I hope to have a role for her.