Events import dry run fails while the same payload is successfully imported without the dry run parameter set to true

There seems to be a bug in the events WEB API(Version 2.32 and after) with the dry run function.

While the same payload gets successfully imported without the dry run parameter; it fails with the following error when using “dryRun=true”.

Error: The request is a dryRun. However, the provided event does not point to a valid event: null. Cannot continue.

The dry run feature is very important for us to verify the data payload before actually saving it in the database.

@Ameen would really appreciate your help on this.

Hi @Gaurav_Kumar,

And this issue is reproducible on the play server?

Tagging @viet to potentially have a look.


Hi @Karoline… yes it is. This is a major issue as it is not possible to verify data payloads before saving the same in the database. This leads to many data quality problems.

Would appreciate if this is picked up by the dev team @viet soon.

Hi @Karoline. Please can anyone track this. This is a huge impact on our work.

Hi @Gaurav_Kumar,

Could you please register a jira issue and add the steps to reproduce it, including the payload you are trying? We see and prioritise bugs registered in jira sooner than we see them here.


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