Event Visualizer not showing DEs nor Data Sets

Hello team am using DHIS2 version 2.37.2 when I want to analyze data using either an event visualizer or event report data items that is data elements or data sets are not showing below is screenshot


Please, did you run analytics tables export (Data Administration app → Analytics tables) and clear the cache (Browser Cache Cleaner app)?


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Yes I did, and it still not showing

Hi @chisomo_salangwa

Please have a look at the steps on this docs page: Event Visualizer - DHIS2 Documentation

When you follow the steps above, does the chart still not appear?

After clicking on Update, if the chart doesn’t appear and there’s still any issue, could you open then Network tab (F12 → Network), repeat the steps, and check if there are any errors that appear? If there are errors please take a screenshot of the errors.

Thank you!

These are screenshot of errors

Apologies, these errors are not relevant. When you open the app using your browser please zoom out (Ctrl–) until you can see the data elements. Hope this works!


It didn’t work maybe this will help for assistance another screenshot

Apologies for the kid photo

Please share the full Catalina.out log (without sensitive info)…

I’d also recommend trying again in Guest mode (not incognito, see here)