Event Visualizations hang with "Loading" on creation or opening

Hi there,

We have recently experienced an issue with the Event Visualizer where the visuals won’t load on the dashboard, an error “Item type “” not supported” is displayed on the visual.
If we then go to the Event Visualizer app and try and open the visual (or create a new one) then the Loading overlay appears and the visual doesn’t actually load.

Data Visualizations load however and we new ones can be created.

Any ideas on what to look at?



Hi all,

Just to add some further information to this, it appears as though this happens after we do a metadata export from our Development environment and then import either into our testing or production instances.

All the event visualisations work fine in the Dev environment but when we export and then import the metadata they stop working.
If we perform a full database dump and then restore it then the visualisations work.

Looking in the console we can see a 500 error code when connecting to the API

Then if we copy the url and put in the browser like this:

Then we get this response
{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”}

Please can someone help shed some light on this?

Kind regards