Event Reports Tables don't hide Empty Rows in some cases in v.2.29 and 2.30

We have some Event Report Tables with the period in the “Report filter” and without “Column Dimension” in order to visualize only the totals and have a quick and brief view of the collected data. In this case it is useful to use “Hide Empty Row” Option, because not all Pilot OrgUnits have all programs.

Before the upgrade, in the v. 2.26 , there were no problems to hide the empty rows, but after the upgrade to the v. 2.29 in the Event Reports module the Empty Rows are not hidden when there is no Column Dimension, but only Row Dimensions and Report Filter - see the images below.

I reproduced the issue on the demo server using the Event Report Favorite:
“Inpatient: Gender and mode of discharge by districts this year”
and moving the “Period” and “orgUnit” dimentions in the Report Filter, instead of Column Dimension.


I tested both v.2.29 and v.2.30 demo instances and both have this issue.

Has anyone had the same problem?

I opened a JIRA issue





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