Event reports line listing fails with certain data elements in 2.38.4

Hi @phil,

Thank you for the updates.
I have found another strange behaviour in Event reports. Infinite loops when I am trying to get line list.
I have following error:

Interesting part is not all optionSets or options shows this error. After investigation I found if the DE with options has no value, this error will come up. Could you check the issue please?

Thank you.


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@phil, to reproduce the issue please follow the steps:

  1. select Child program

  2. add DE -Additional medication into Birth stage

  3. Re-run analytics

  4. open Event reports and try to create line list with [DE]Additional medication

  5. Results you can see in the picture above.

if it is possible would look at this issue as well DHIS 2 Software - Issues - Jira

Thank you

Thank you @Ulanbek . I have moved your original reply to a new thread for clarity. I was also able to reproduce the same problem. In other versions of DHIS2 (2.37 and 2.39+) the “Additional medicine” data element does not seem to even be present as a possible data element to add to the line listing, so this definitely looks like a bug to me as well in this version. This particular data element does not even appear to be a part of either of the program stages, so why it is even appearing as an option to add to the line listing is odd. I believe this is the actual defect?

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Dear @jason,

I have added this data element to the child program. Originally it should not be there. It was done in demo purpose.

Sorry if I confuse you.


So you added the data element to an existing program stage? That might be important point then. I can see it in the current play instance. Just trying to get as much information for a bug report so that the developers can look into it.

Yes @jason. And the steps how to reptoduce the issue has been described in my message.


Thanks @Ulanbek yes, the problem is clear now.

In addition to the issue which you have reported regarding the event reports, when a new data element is added to an existing program stage, it does not appear in the list of available data elements in the data entry form.

Hi @jason, @phil

Hope you are doing well.

There is another bug found in the Event reports app:
This time the filter for the selected items:

as you can see the filter disregards now to the option translations, similar to the issue DHIS 2 Software - Issues - Jira

Would it be possible to check it as well.
Thank you.

Hi @jason , I following up on this issue. I have ran into it as well using DHIS2 40.2. Was it resolved? Data elements with blank option set values do not display in event report linelists.