Event reports download crashing

Dear COP,

We recently upgraded DHIS2 2.29 to v2.39.1.1. Since the upgrade, users have been experiencing the attached issue where some saved Event Reports fail to download and crash to the attached error saying This site can't be reached.
Attached screenshot:

Any suggestions to resolve this?

Did you try to run analytics export, and clear cache using Data Administration app → Maintenance and the Browser Cache Cleaner app? Is this issue for all users including superuser account? If you run the same request using the admin account, do you face the same issue?

If you’re facing the same issue, does it appear even when using the browser’s Guest mode?

Would you please share the complete Catalina.out log (without the sensitive info)?

Thank you!

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I would reference this Error when downloading line list of event reports; we’ve come across errors of this nature either because of option set issues or because the request is simply too long. @jason spoke elegantly about this in the attached post, and I’d bet you’re facing the same issue!


Not sure if this is the solution, might need to ask a few users to do the same, but after upgrading Chrome version, I am now able to download 65MB of tracker data with a Superuser account whhich was failing before the Chrome update.


@Matthew_Boddie, thanks, but it doesn’t seem like a very long request URL in the screenshot above so I eliminated it as the issue but it could be!

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