Event Reports doesn't get the updated Tracker capture data

Dear Community,
I am new for DHIS2 and I am challenging the issue of Tracker capture data doesn’t update in Event reports. I am using the DHIS2 version 2.31.7 which I just continuously maintain this system from my co-worker. My teammate was entered the new record and also removed the wrong data entry; but they cannot get the updated data via Event report even if I have configured the scheduler in DHIS2. One important note, there are some other data were updated, expect some.
I hope I got any advices from everybody.
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Hi @Sopheak , Welcome to the DHIS2 Community!

Have you tried running analytics after the data entry was completed? check Run Analytics

I would also recommend you advise your co-worker to update the instance to a more updated version of DHIS2 that has lots of bug fixes incorporated and cool features added to make your work easier :wink: !


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Hi @James, Thanks for your prompt response.
I will try to check Run Analytics and check the result. However, in term of updating instance, I am not quite sure yet; because I am very new to handle this platform and I was told that when we update version of DHIS2, there will be different structure and we might need to perform data migration as well. Is that correct?

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