Event Report - TEI count using start/end date over different year


We are experiencing an issue with Event Reports. (DHIS 2.20)

On Event Reports, we are using ‘Output type’ as ‘Tracked entity instance’ to get TEI count within period. ( attached file, ‘Event Report - TEI count.jpg’)

It works fine in most of the cases, but when we do ‘TEI count’ with ‘start/end dates’ for Periods and start year and end year differs, it shows an issue.

It always shows as ‘No values found for the current selection’ even though it has data. ( attached file, ‘Event Report - TEI start end date.jpg’ )

If we set ‘Start/end date’ to be within same year, it works fine.

It also works fine if we count ‘Events’ rather than ‘TEI’ - for having different start/end year.