Event report stuck on loading

Dear community team,
i am using v2.30
some time, when i open event report, it display in console like below and then stuck loading…


Hi @Channara,

Thanks for reporting this issue! I have seen it before and I registered an issue on behalf of you. Feel free to add any additional information that could help us locate the cause and also, how frequently is this issue occurring.


Hi @Gintare,
thank you for reporting this issue.
not usually, if I try refresh page a few time. it doesn’t show this error. it works fine.

Hello @Gintare, we have been experiencing this quite frequently now. We are running 2.33.6.
I have voted for this issue on JIRA and we are really appealing for a fix.

Thank you.

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Hi @Channara @ifeanyiokoye
Please see this comment: [DHIS2-9022] - Jira

I don’t think there will be another patch release for 2.33, but the fix should make it into updates for 2.34+

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