Event report - org unit hierachy and user accounts

Dear team,
if I want to extract tracker data through event report.
ca we possible extract data attach with hierachy organisation unit and user account name entried that event?

thank you

Dear @Channara,

Thank you for posting your questions on the CoP.

Org unit hierarchy:
You can display this by clicking “Show hierarchy” in Options in the Event Reports app - but I see that this hierarchy is not included in for example the Excel file if you export it, which I guess is what you are looking for. I will follow up with @dhis2-analytics team why it is like this.

User that entered the event
At the moment, you cannot get this info in reports through the current Event Reports app.
However, there are JIRA issues for the feature ([DHIS2-4902] - Jira) and I believe @Scott is reviewing it for potential inclusion in the new Event Reports app - so do go and vote for it!


thank @Karoline,
I voted already. Hope available this function soon.