Event Report loading forever after adding an attribute

Hi everyone,

I’ve a tracker program with several data elements and attributes in DHIS2 Tracker 2.33.3. When I load the event report with all the data elements and attributes except sex attribute it runs fine. Once I add the sex attribute, the event report runs forever. This attribute is important for data analysis


Sometimes that can happen when you change the data type (from text to integer, for example). Could that have happened at some point?

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels,

The attribute sex is a text data type. No change in data type has been made. The value type is even disabled.


Was the tracker program imported ? In that case, maybe it could be an issue with the sort order of the optionSet.

In order to fix that, you need to go to the configuration of the optionSet and then re-sort the options (go to “sort manually” and then “Save”).

Hi @ctejo,

No, the tracker program was not imported. Below is the order of the optionSet

I tried to change the order so that female comes first, but the event report is still taking long to load when I add the sex attribute.