Event Report Download Error

Who has encountered this error before?
I was trying to download an event report and I encountered this error above. Anyone with helpful link should please help!

Welcome to the community @Temitope!

This could happen for so many reasons and without getting to the error logs it’s not possible to know the exact cause to find a solution. In this situation it’s best to start with the Network log (open your browser’s developer tools F12 → click on the Network tab → perform the action that leads you to this page, and then check if there are any errors → click on the red text and then take a screenshot.)


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Hi @Gassim, thanks for your response.
Here is a screenshot after performing the action you specified…

Hi @Temitope,
Thanks for the screenshot, please click on the text again, and then select the ‘headers’ instead of the ‘response’ tab, thanks!

And please share what is the dhis2 version of the instance you are using, and I need to tell you that if the network log is not enough, we might need the Catalina log (without including any sensitive info). thanks!

This is what I have in the ‘headers’ tab

Below is the version details

Okay thanks, @Temitope! Does it work if you change the .csv in the URL above in the image to .json? If so then there’s an issue generating the .csv file for a download if not then because of the 500 response error, we’d still need to check the Catalina log.

Please share the Catalina.out log (without including any sensitive info).

No, it doesn’t work if changed to .json, it gives same error as well.

How do I get the Catalina log?

After changing to .json, i got this.

Okay thanks! Please run the following command in the terminal:

tail -f tomcat-dhis/logs/catalina.out

if the command above doesn’t work, try: sudo -u dhis tail -f tomcat-dhis/logs/catalina.out
And when you share the log make sure you remove any sensitive info (password…etc)