Event Report and Event Visualizer: Duplicates the Tracked Entity Attributes on report

I am testing DHIS2 version 2.38.1. However, I am experiencing unusual behavior for Event Report & Event Visualizer. When you assign two or more Tracked Entity Attributes, the report tends to duplicate the option values. For instance, the report below is for two Tracked Entity Attributes presenting Color and Sex. See the images below. Anyone facing this challenge?

@Gassim , anyone reported this behavior ?

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Hi @sele,

I can’t reproduce this issue, please post the steps to reproduce this issue. See screenshot below from play instance, it’s working properly:

Also, please check again to clear the cache! (Here are three steps to do when cache is not clearing properly: No + button on dahsboard app - #4 by Gassim)


Hi @Gassim , Thanks for your swift response.

My point is… You should assign at least two tracked entity attributes. Of course attributes attached with an optionset

I’m you example, you have assigned only one attribute.


I tried two TEA and it didn’t duplicate the label into both the row and column so I’m not sure how to reproduce this. It’d be helpful if we can reproduce this on play.

@Gassim and team, I am not sure if you tested two attributes linked with an Optionset. However, here is replicate of the issue on Demo site.

The steps

  1. Open Event report on the Demo site (DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone)

  2. Select table style to be “Pivot Table”, output type “Event”

  3. Select Program “Malaria focus Investigation”, Stage “Foci Response”

  4. Select two program Attributes (Locality & Average location of Health facility from inhabitants)
    • Both attributes are linked with an option set (Locality : Rural /Urban while Average location is by kilometers)

  5. Update

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Yes, thanks so much! This becomes obvious when changing the layout.

The same applies for Event visualizer. It is interpretable on presentation.

However, all other version are behaving correctly, for instance, the Event report image looks pretty fine.

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Hello @Gassim and @sele,
we were able to reproduce the issue, and this will be tracked by the JIRA below.


Thanks for raising it and for the details shared.


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