Event Program control

Hello guys,

Is it possible to dispaly a section only il a data element is fulfill?
For example displaying a section only if a date is provided.

Thans for those who will answer

If I understood your question well, what you are asking is possible only if you are using the Tracker Capture or the Event Capture app, if so, you can use Program rules. Program rules allow you to create and control dynamic behaviour of the user interface, this includes hiding or showing a particular section as a result of providing a particular data element, maybe you need to create a Program rule variable pointing to your data element and then use the d2:hasValue(‘nameOfProgramRuleVariable’) function inside a Program rule to show the particular section.

Read more about Program rules in the following Docs page:
Configure program rules

View all examples of Program rules on the demo server:

If you are using dataSet form then there is no direct way to do that, except by using custom forms, in which you can use javaScript to do the job.

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