Event complete notifcation (user group) Android tracker

Hi everyone, I’m trying to integrate notification in the section of events and, the user group should be notified when a certain event is completed, is there anyone who has used these feature?

Hi @Denilson,

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This is possible by adding a notification from the Maintenance app in the configuration of your event program.

Please see docs for step by step instructions: Create program notifications

Feel free to post back to the community with more questions or experiences/knowledge that you’d like to share. :+1:


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Hi, @Gassim thank you for your availability and support, well I have followed all the step which comes in the program notification doc, and I already set up a program notification, but is still not working, I’ve also created a user group, and set up the user to it.
Still not working the user group is not getting any notification about the stage completion.

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You’re welcome! Sorry it’s not working, may you please write the steps to reproduce this? Were you able to reproduce this issue on play?

Do you see any errors in the console when you are expecting the notification to be sent/received?


Hi @Denilson

It is important to understand that the notifications are executed on server side as documented here: Program features - DHIS2 Documentation

This is because the Android App is working in offline mode and requires you to synchronize your data so the server can process the notifications. Could you let us know if after the synchronization you still don’t get the notifications?

HI, @jaime.bosque & @Gassim thank you for your support and availability, well the notification is now working maybe there’s something that I was doing in a bad way.

When the program stage is completed the user group set receives the notification just on the web, but I would like to get the notification on the users who are using the android app (trackers).
Is there any way to do that?

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Hi @Denilson . We do not currently support notifications on the app. There is a JIRA request (Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA) but we haven’t planned including it in any release so far.