Event Capture - Search for an event in all Events of the selected Program

Hi Lars,
many thanks for your activity for the improvement of the Searching and sorting of events in the Event Capture App

JIRA (DHIS2-254) Search for an event in all Events of the selected Program, (DHIS2-149) Searching and sorting of events.

Is it already ported to the c. 2.25? If not, when it is planned?

*I have some suggestions about Capture event Page face and data entry, *

First Previews table sorting (incident date) field data in all pages, descending sort better than ascending sort.

Why? Because the Users can see last his saved data i.e. always (last data saved) preview on the user screen, so user know end work time!


2016-11-23 0:44 GMT+01:00 Antonia - Pro antonia@informa.pro:

Actually when I make a search in the Event Capture window, the search is limited to the only visible page of the events for the selected Program (for the specific OrgUnit).

Probably the search is made on the client side.

It will be very useful if the search is made on the server side and the output of the search are all events in the selected program, which meet he search filter, not only in the visualized page.

For example, when an verification audit is done and some strange value is found by the statistics, we have to find the event with this value to correct or examine it.

When the events in the program are not too much, we can scroll the pages, or make a biggest page with more than the default 50 events (200, 500). But when the events are more than 10 000 or 50 000 it is inconvenient.

It will be more useful and faster to make the search as a query with the search filter to the server and than visualize the output result of the query on the Event Capture window.

I created an issue with the new JIRA for issue tracking, I hope I done it well.





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