Event Capture Form Name Not Displaying [fixed]


I am pretty new to DHIS2 so please be patient with me :slight_smile:

I have created an event program and have added the data elements to the program. I did specify the form name property on my data elements but on the capture form it still displays the data element short code. I tried cleaning the cache but still no joy. Any pointers on how to resolve this? I am using DHIS2 version 2.36.0


Hi, can you upload a screenshot of one of your data elements with the long name, short name, and form name, and then a screenshot of the event capture form for the same data element?
I have experienced inconsistencies in whether the short name or long name displays for program indicators in the data visualizer app, but not in the form, so I’d like to see the issue you’re describing.

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Thanks Natalie

See below screenshots. Thanks for your assistance.

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Hi @simbachiri

This is a bug in 2.36.0 - and is fixed in version 2.36.4, you can look at the jira here: DHIS2-11144

Can you upgrade to 2.36.4?



Thank you @Caroline

Upgrading to version 2.36.4 resolved the issue. Many thanks for your assistance.