Event Capture and Program/Attributes Web Apps problems

Hi Markus,
Thanks a lot for your answer.

I will wait patiently for the new versions, where these problems will be solved.

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2016-05-18 0:12 GMT+02:00 Markus Bekken markus.bekken@gmail.com:

Hi there Antonia,
thank you for reporting.

  1. is a weakness in the current Programs app. The app is being reimplemented in the near future, and this will be ironed out then.
  1. and 3. is known limitations to the current functionality for translations. We hope to get to it in one of the earliest upcoming releases, but your suggested workaround seems like the best option at the moment.

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  1. mai 2016 kl. 00.35 skrev Antonia Bezenchek I-PRO antonia@informa.pro:

Hi Developers,

I have the following 3 problems with the Program / Attributes Web App and Event Capture Web App. We use the v.2.22 build rev. 22048, but checked that in the new versions 2.23 and 2.24 (on the demo/dev servers) the problems persist.

1.Program / Attributes > Program stage section →

Problem in Program App > When I select “Show Details” for the "Program stage section" nothing happens, while for other menu items (Edit. Translate), the action is correct.

  • on the Demo server you can test it → Program → Inpatient morbidity and mortality > Single-Event Inpatient morbidity and mortality > Patient details

2.Event Capture App Problem

Even I translated the names of the Sections (in the Program / Attributes App), in the Event Capture it is not visualized

while in the Data Entry App, the DataSet Sections translations are visualized correctly!

  1. **Program **> Program stage → Edit program stage

“Description of report date*” - Where can I translate it?

Now I put all the 3 languages on the same line, but this is not a good solution, for example:

__Description of report date* __: Date of birth / تاريخ الولادة / بةرواري لة دايك بوون*

The problem is that the “Description of report date*” probably have to be an Object, which can to be translated and not a simple string as it is actually.

If there is another way to make the translation of “Description of the report date *”, let me know how, please.


It is important to resolve the problems 2 and 3 to have a complete translation visualized.



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